Bridal Makeup & Hair

Raman Salon & Spa is a trusted name in Canadian Bridal Makeup over many years. We provide a dedicated wedding makeup professional who works on the beauty of a bride for their wedding day and utilizes her makeup industry experience and skills in your wedding day makeup. We provide bridal makeup in Brampton area.


Bridal Makeup Packages

We have Custom Bridal Makeup packages which are designed keeping in mind the bridal needs which can be customized according to the preferences of each and every bride.


The services offered by Raman Salon in Brampton include Bridal Makeup, Bridal Dress up, Bridal Hair Styling, Bridal Mehndi etc. We also do specialized Bridal Nail Art for wedding day.


In Canada, majority of weddings happen around summer, thus it requires a great art in choosing the kind of makeup, We use the best combination of products that suit even the most delicate skin in the summer season, and you can be sure that the hot weather wont effect your makeup. The dream of every bride is that her appearance should be the best on that day. Bridal makeup is necessarily the most important thing in bridal dressing which needs the most attention.

If makeup doesn’t stand well, even the precious jewellery and gorgeous wedding dress would look dull, so it is better to get the makeup done from an experienced makeup artist who knows best about the right kind of make up. We have the best makeup artists in Brampton for your wedding day make up. Let it be any type of lighting, indoor or outdoor, your makeup will never loose its charm.

Products We Use