Body Therapies

Sea Salt Body Glow

This exfoliation treatment helps to prevent ingrown hair, restores the pH balance of the skin and gives its a healthy glow. This treatment improves circulation as seaweed extracts penetrates the skin. Dull skin immediately becomes revitalized and skin is left soft and smooth.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

By using basalt smooth mineral stone of varying temperatures, sizes and shapes. A stone therapist will reduce muscle tensions, relieve stress and induces sense of well being.

Moisturizing Body Polish Treatment

Skin feels as soft as velvet, includes exfoliating with soft plant gel peel, loofah scrub and a long gentle massage with aromatic oil.

Aroma Therapy Body Massage

Aromatic essential oils from plants, leaves, roots, back, seed, raisins and flowers are used in this gentle relaxation massage. Aroma therapy refreshes and relaxes the skin and soothes the mind by helping to induce a sense of well being.

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